Dry Suit Diving

Become a certified Dry Suit Diver

Dry suit diving opens up a world of possibilities, including diving in remote Arctic destinations and cold-water dive sites full of life. Diving with a dry suit is also a great way to stay warm on multi-dive days, when you don’t want to spend time putting on and taking off a cold wetsuit. The SSI Dry Suit Diver Specialty program is the best way to become a dry suit diver, teaching you all the knowledge and techniques needed to dive safely and comfortably in a dry suit. You’ll learn how to use specialized equipment such as dry suits and buoyancy control devices, the benefits of dry suits, and how to handle emergencies unique to this type of diving. Upon completion, you’ll earn the SSI Dry Suit Diving Specialty certification.

Training standards
10 years
Minumum age
Number of theory modules
Number of pool/ confined water lessons
Number of open water lessons
30 meter
Maximum training depth
10-15 hour
Recommended duration
Price and location
€ 150,-
The Netherlands/ Türkiye