A number of friends, former police officers from the Netherlands, diagnosed with the occupational disease PTSD, met regularly to dive. Over time, they discovered that diving was a relaxing activity. She noted that they had more stability and enjoyment in life.

On the basis of their own findings, they conducted research into the benefits of diving in combination with PTSD on a “therapeutic” basis. They soon came out on various American websites where mainly former soldiers had shared their findings about their positive experiences with diving and the diagnosis of PTSD.

Because it is difficult for the target group to take “strangers” into confidence, they have decided to develop a platform (All Stars Diving) where other care providers (police/ army/ ambulance etc.) are damaged during their commitment to society or his family can join. They strive to dive together without looking at the person. It is also important that everyone understands each other because of the limitations they have incurred. Precisely for this reason, it is often impossible or uncomfortable for them to be able to dive with other people without limitations!

They have also noticed that there are many people who might want to get their diving license but also encounter the obstacle that they do not immediately enter a diving school! Precisely for this reason, they have set up a program especially with a few partners where you first have the opportunity to take a test dive in a swimming pool in Zoetermeer or De Lier (the Netherlands) where an experienced PTSD expert from All Stars Diving will also be present.

When you have become enthusiastic afterwards, there is the possibility to sign up for a PADI of SSI Open Water course. This course will be given together with other (former) rescue workers who are also diagnosed with PTSD. You have the choice to obtain your license in Zoetermeer, De Lier (the Netherlands) or in Kuşadası (Turkey). Here too, a PTSD experienced expert will travel with you and dive with whom you can fall back on any time with questions!

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