How it works?

For whom?

At the All Stars Diving Foundation, we are committed to providing a unique form of support to (former) professional first responders who have been confronted with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), similar psychological challenges, or physical limitations due to their selfless service to society. Our program is open to law enforcement officers, firefighters, medical personnel, and personnel of the army who are seeking a path of stability, recovery, and personal growth.

If you fall within our target group, the All Stars Diving Foundation offers you the opportunity to discover new perspectives through diving. If you are a first responder from another sector or if you are unsure if you qualify, we warmly invite you to submit an application. Each request is carefully and compassionately evaluated by our board to ensure that everyone who can benefit from our support has the opportunity to be part of our community.

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Are you a (former) professional first responder interested in the SSI Open Water Diver course or one of our advanced courses? We invite you to contact us first. In this introductory conversation, we will discuss your objectives and provide you with a medical questionnaire. Depending on the answers, it may be necessary to undergo a medical diving examination, which is often covered by your health insurance. Please inquire with your health insurance provider for details.

Before your participation is finalized, we await the results of any potential medical diving examination. With a positive assessment, you digitally send the medical assessment form to our secretariat or by post to:

All Stars Diving Foundation
Dunantstraat 48
2713 VA Zoetermeer
South Holland, The Netherlands

Upon receipt of your form, we will contact you to proceed with the next steps. Together, we create a DiveSSI account, after which the online course material becomes available upon ordering and payment. We also discuss the schedule, arrange the necessary insurance for the duration of the course, and address any questions you may have. These services are included in the course fee.

Diving equipment

An essential aspect of diving is, of course, the diving equipment. We ensure that you have access to a complete set of diving gear for the duration of your training, provided by our sponsors. Depending on your location, various sponsors may support you in this regard. For hygienic reasons, you will need to purchase personal items such as a dive mask, snorkel, and dive boots yourself.


At the beginning of your SSI Open Water Diver course or any of our specialties, we lay the foundation with thorough theoretical knowledge. While a significant portion of this theory is available online, we ensure that you fully understand what diving entails or what your specialty requires before you enter the water. This commitment to deep understanding ensures that you start your practical experience well-prepared and confident.


During the practical sessions, in the pool or a sheltered part of open water, you will learn various diving skills under the guidance of our instructor. Your comfort and pace are paramount, and we provide personal attention and tailor the program to you. Progression to new exercises is only made when you are ready, ensuring that you become confident and proficient in each skill.

After successfully practicing the skills, we will plan your first real dive together. We start slowly, usually not too deep, so you can become comfortable with the underwater world. Depending on your interest and comfort level, we can gradually increase the depth and challenges, with a maximum depth goal (and requirement) of 18 meters. Your well-being is our priority, so we adjust everything to your preferences.

For those opting for a specialty, the approach is slightly different and specifically tailored to the nature of the specialty. Even in these cases, personal adaptation and comfort are paramount in planning the sessions.


Once you have successfully completed the online theoretical part, depending on your chosen course, you will take a written or online exam. After passing this exam and demonstrating proficiency in all required skills, you will receive your certificate for the completed training. This certification is internationally recognized. With the SSI Open Water Diver certificate, you are authorized to dive with a buddy to a depth of 18 meters!